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Some rad fan options

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  • Some rad fan options

    This may be of help to some when deciding on what will work for your fitment.

    I have used SPAL fans (very shallow), 1 big puller and 1 smaller pusher on my setup without AC since 1995 without a problem.

    Twin Honda Civic pullers can be made to fit. 5 blade 12-1/4" is ABS shroud that can be easily trimmed. 4 blade 11-1/4" is a metal shroud.
    5 blade outer dimensions 14' x 2-3/4" to back of abs shroud.
    4 blade outer dimensions 12-1/4" x 1-3/4" to back of metal shroud.

    Another unique fan from 1994-1995 Buick Roadmaster has 3 ABS arms that can be trimmed. The motor and blade assembly unbolts to provide for unlimited mounting possibilties. 14-1/4" fan diameter x1-1/4 blade thickness. Moves a ton of air!
    Similar to this link.

    U-pick yards are a good source

    IMG_7230.jpg IMG_7258.jpg IMG_7260.jpg IMG_7269.jpg IMG_7275.jpg IMG_7276.jpg IMG_7278.jpg
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    I found a double fan setup abandoned in an underground parkade. It says VW Audi on it. Haven't checked it out, but looks way too big for a Datsun. Maybe it will work in my 54 Chevy pickup.
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      I investigated the Honda Civic fans, couldn't get a thickness dimension. Decided that I needed to do some in-person measurements. You'll see in these photos that, with the AC compressor in place, I don't have much clearance. I went to my local speed shop with tape in hand, left with 2 Proform 12" fans (rated at 1200 cfm each). Pretty cheap too. With a little carving they mounted perfectly. The fans are screwed together in the middle, bolted to the rad at each side, foam pads to keep them off the coils. Solid. After initial fitment I had to relocate them to the top of the rad to clear the AC compressor. I'm going to run a BMW 2 temp switch, Volvo relay, run one fan on low, both fans on high. Electrical details will be posted on my AC build posts (once I've confirmed that it works).

      12 8 two fans.jpg


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        Installed, pretty sweet:

        12 8 rad installed.jpg


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          Proform also makes one with an S blade #67013