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  • Electrical Oddity

    I’m not sure if this is the correct spot to post.
    I have an ‘87 Z31.
    The issue is this. When the high beams are activated the driver side light will light for about 1 second and then go dark. I have checked the wiring. The original OEM plug has been replaced with a different correct plug. I cut the wires and rewired. I have 11.3+or- volts showing on both low and high beam leads. When the high beam is activated it will light and then go out showing zero volts. The right side stays illuminated. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas as to what I should be looking for? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    H. If you haven't tried, the first thing I would do is swap the bulbs to see if the problem moves with the bulb. This will either confirm it is a bulb issue or not.... then we can think about other reasons....


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      Hello, I had this exact same issue on my 88 Z31 and it turned out to be the headlight/ turn signal switch on the steering column. You can find several articles on how to change it. I can't remember if you can get new switches for an 87, I know you can't for an 88.


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        Definitely the switch on the column. On the z31, they are notorious for bad connections causing phantom lights. Sometimes they turn on all by themselves! They are pretty easy to take apart, clean the contacts, and re-bend some of the tabs.


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          It indeed appears to be the headlight switch. If it’s pulled halfway both lights will illuminate without tripping the warning light on the dash. I will add this to the list of things to do this winter. Thanks for everyone’s input.