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  • That's an interesting solution. I never new these existed. I read the reviews on it. I think it is something you would have to adjust to work in your application to ensure there is not too much back pressure in the exhaust system. But, the reviews all mentioned that the drone was eliminated.


    • I replaced the Flowmaster with Magnaflow last year, it is quieter and very happy with it.

      Maybe add this tip? LOL!
      See 240Ziggy


      • Hilariois. When do you start production? Will you have them at the swap meet?
        Eric Zondervan
        72 240Z
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        • Keeping going with improvements while I wait for the weather to warm up. Was tired of waking up with back pain the day after doing any long-ish drive in the Z due to the worn-out foam of the stock seats, so picked up a set of 04-05 WRX seats for a good price. Whipped up some basic brackets and got them in the car the other day, they fit in surprisingly well without having to do anything much - handbrake, door cards (if i had any) , seatbelts, etc all have clearance.

          Way better side bolstering, generally more comfy, more adjustability, and I think they fit the look of the car well.


          • First drive of the season today !

            She took a little coaxing to get going (mostly because the gas in the float bowls evaporated if I had to guess) but after ~45 sec of cranking fired right up as usual. Slight misfire in the video below (because 6mo old gas and the car generally sitting) but that cleaned right up after the vid.

            Took it for a ~20 min drive to top the tank with 91 and burn the old gas out of the lines. So glad to be back driving it, brings a smile to my face every single time.