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  • Thanks guys! Indeed I am, it's been a long road and I'm still a bit amazed myself that the car is on the road haha. From something that I was told (fairly enough) wasn't worth saving and to find another shell, to where it is now. Now to drive the wheels off and enjoy, it, and tinker/improve as I go (EFI/turbo is still the plan eventually)

    Colin - Thanks for the link! My switch is slightly different, but I was able to pull it apart no problem and get it fixed (pic below). So much better than before.


    Worked on the little stuff that needed fixing today.

    Wipers weren't wiping, pulled them off and realized the splined mounting surface was gunked up with pot metal from previous slippage. Cleaned them out with a knife, added some loctite to the nut, and tightened both arms up a fair bit.

    Next up, turn signals. Pulled the switch apart, cleaned the contacts, and bent the center pivot slightly. Back in action. While I was at it I blasted all the linkage stuff with carb cleaner then some dry graphite lubricant - it is so much freer and smoother now, and returns to center properly.

    Lastly, dialed the rear coilovers up 10mm. Should solve the rubbing issue on the left corner when going over bumps.


    • Went for the first shakedown run today, happily no issues to report at all. I did nearly do a dumb by leaving the headlights on while I got a burger, but after a few attempts it fired the starter instead of just clicking and fired back up. Will probably want a bigger battery eventually, this one is probably too small for the car but it's what I had lying around.

      Gas gauge works, which is nice; put 30L into the tank and ended up right at half on the gauge. Car is loud and rattly as you'd expect, but rides really nicely all things considered. Temp gauge never even got up to half, settled in steady at about 1/3 sweep.


      • Took the Z to its first ever couple of meets/shows today (probably one of the last times this year stuff was running). Car got a lot of interest which was cool, spent a lot of time chatting to people about it.

        She's still working perfectly mechanically, only issue I had was the wipers deciding not to work while going down the freeway and sudden rain started, which was an interesting experience. Had my head out the window to be able to see lol. That'll be first on the priority list to fix, I'm not likely to drive this in the rain much but I want to make sure I can safely do so if desired/needed.

        Overall, put 150+ km on the car without a hitch and had a great time!


        • HI Noll.... once again, totally awesome job! Stand tall and proud my man!


          • Originally posted by noll View Post
            all road legal as of this afternoon! Went and got poutine to celebrate .

            someone at the garage messed up pulling off the dealer plate and somehow broke a small chunk out of the right taillight surround, but they were able to find the piece so i've since glued it back in good as new. Stuff happens, could be worse.

            Turn signals weren't really playing ball on the way home so need to pull the switch apart in the next day or two and clean/refresh everything. That, raise the rear ~15mm, and adjust the wiper arms, and that's about it for things that need to change right now.
            congratulations !!!


            • Thanks peeps! Super exciting to be driving and enjoying it finally.

              Went to another car show this past weekend - ended up being a turnout of 3-400 cars. I barely took any pics unfortunately, but it was a good time. The Z got a ton of attention too which was awesome, people loved to talk about it and for me to explain the work that went into it. They had a videographer at the show too who grabbed a fair bit of footage and pics of my car which was super cool, if/when that vid comes out I'll post it up here.

              On the way home I noticed that the car had developed a very slight misfire (only noticeable at idle at red lights, one cylinder misses every few seconds if that) - this was right near the end of the drive after about 160km of highway driving, so I'm wondering if it was just fuel boiling issues or similar as I don't yet have a heatshield below the carbs.

              Pulled the plugs today to check, and am pretty happy. Was hard to get a good in-focus pic, but all are tan, with no signs of oil blow-by, flooding, running super lean, etc. I've put 700km on the car since the rebuild at this point, so seems like a decent indicator that all is well. Considering I rebuilt everything myself with basic tools and the help of youtube/forums, and the bottom-end is totally unknown, I am pleased.


              • Welcome to all the attention. I'm amazed at how much more aware the young folk are now than even two years ago. Last weekend a young fellow stopped by wearing a T shirt with a 280ZX on it. He has never owned a Z, but that is his dream car. His GF gave him the shirt and was super supportive of his passion.
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