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  • Got the frame horn section completed today.

    made the flange:

    Mocked up:

    And on. This was a very good thing to finally have done, not too much more left to do in the engine bay now.

    The (sometimes ugly) welds tell the tale of just how much I've replaced at this point.

    Inside mostly cleaned up too. Not sure how I'll be able to clean up the welds in the alcove on the right, might just seam seal them and call it good because they'll be pretty hidden once everything is back together, doesn't need to look perfect.


    • Oh, and just for fun, this is how much metal I've replaced on this part of the car alone:


      • The fender support pads had pretty bad bubbling rust under them, so I decided to pull them off and clean everything up properly.

        Welded back on, and also cut off the rear pad that I had re-made for this side a while back and wasn't happy with.

        Same deal on the passenger side, removed it all.

        Cleaned up and made a new pad mount for the driver's side.

        And all welded back on.

        With that done, I turned my attention to the last broken bolt remaining in the firewall.

        Much better.

        Next time I work on the car I'll finally be on to the passenger-side inner skin at long last.


        • Make sure you use "closed cell" material that does allow water to be absorbed as the cushion material.