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  • LIME GREEN 240Z!!!

    Starting a new build thread,

    My Uncle has decided to continue his project after a hold up of a few years.

    My Dad and myself have be upgrading our shop, expanding it and winterizing. Now that we are getting closer to completion and have some extra room we are starting a new project.

    My Uncle has had this car for a long time now, I heard plenty of stories about it from my dad and how he use to drive it "responsibly" back when he was younger. (Pff yeah right). Well a few years ago my Uncle started the restoration of this beast, he stripped absolutely everything off of it and had it chemically dipped, all panels banged out and redone, (aboslutlty no bondo!!!) E-coated then brought to a paint shop.

    Unfortunately as we just discovered yesterday that a step was skipped, no primer was applied before the paint. all the paint is starting to flake off. Turns out the shop that he had brought it to was going bank rupped and they just did a quick job to make it look done.... the car actually go seized by the bank when they took the business. While that was taking place the car go the boot and sat outside while my Uncle tired getting the car back.

    Finally after dealing with all that and getting every bit of the car back it sat on a trailer for years, After finding out that im big into Z cars and a little persuasion we got the car down into our shop.

    So first things first we will need to re sandblast all of under side and interior, Re prime and paint. After sitting for so long with a "not so good paint job" rust has started to come up around seams and edges.

    We will be sticking to the stock lime green paint, but heres some pics to give you an idea.

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    Sweet. Reminds me of my last 240z. Mopar Go Green is a fantastic green.


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      My previous Z.


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        Keep us up to date.

        Looks like a great and complex project.



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          good luck with the build! i'll be watching this thread.


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            Geez, reading your thread & looking at your pictures makes think I should consider another z project. I will be following your build too!


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              Turbo it! You won't ever regret that mod.