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V8 Swapped JDM Styled 280Z

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  • Been a while since an update. Closer inspection showed it was a loose brake caliper. One bolt was missing and the other wasn't even finger tight!!

    Took me a while to find some time to get the wheel off and look at it properly. The first look at the wheel gave me a scare. The caliper had scraped a ring around the inside of the wheel, but after I hit it with a wirebrush it was clear it just took the powedrcoat off and the rim itself wasn't cut. Good thing I pulled over in a hurry.


    Sourced a replacement bolt and they're both back in there with loctite on them. Have been out for a few drives since and everything is fine (I checked the brakes on the other side as well, all good).

    With that behind me I started plans for some engine bay cleanup. Decided to try my hand at my first metal fabrication as well. Picked up a metal brake and recycled an old metal desk panel. Step one cardboard templates.


    After that cut and bend some metal sheets


    I think it came out quite well! I should have time to make the drivers side one on this long weekend.


    • went for a drive, took some pics



      • _ACH3911.jpg


        • A few more photos from before the snowfall


          • I installed some new garage lighting and most importantly a 4 post lift !! Then rinsed the car off and went for a first drive the other night.


            • Engine covers completed, looks great now

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              • I didn't have the trunk open during Zfest but I just finished this up the day before the show. I think a few people got to see it.


                • The next week is prime time for fall cruising and photos. Snapped a few today, will be uploading them over the next couple days.


                  • Wow i shot my new personal fav photo of the Z. Finally figured out how to shoot the 20mm wide.

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                    • Gorgeous photography, as always.
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                      • I finally got my hands on a new car, after the Z it was the next on the bucket list. It's not another Z but at least it's still a Nissan


                        • fall photo <3