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V8 Swapped JDM Styled 280Z

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  • Originally posted by Noll View Post
    Looking good! Any pics of the battery relocation? Still trying to decide if I want to do it with mine and if so where/how.
    I'll try and take a photo, I have it behind the passenger seat mounted counter-sunk into the floor in a plastic box. Not complete yet, still have to build a new trunk floor. Power is routed down through that behind vertical wall and through near the floor and under the carpets. Also a key'd semi-hidden power cut-off switch.


    • Oops forgot to take that photo Noll.

      I was in the car a few times this week. Figured out all my ignition wiring and I did my first test crank (no fuel, or ignition) just to test the starter and see if things are working properly. Huge success the motor turns freely and the starter managed to make 20 pounds of oil pressure until the masking tape broke off from where the oil filter was supposed to be installed. Completely forgot and made quite the mess. The trans cooler hoses which also weren't hooked up managed to make a fountain of trans fluid.

      After clean up I went to install the oil filter and realized I ordered the wrong ones. The low-profile pan i swapped in actually has a different size, so it'll be another week until those arrive. In the meantime:
      • made a nice mount for the oil-pressure sender
      • installed the upsidedown exhast to prep for a test fire
      • put in spark plugs
      • hooked up new MSD spark plug wires
      • installed the intake and bolted it down
      • hooked up the fuel rails to the fuel system
      Still need to bolt in the radiator so that I can block off the transmission cooler lines, and top up oil for the test fire. After that it's just feeding the engine harness through the firewall and plugging everything in and I can test fire.

      Fun side note, I setup the car to have 2 ignition points. I can start it up using the original key from the steering column for that authentic feel. Or once the key is in and in the on position I can use the the buttons in the center dash panel to start it like a race car so I can impress friends haha.

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      • Noll here's that photo I promised, If you get a smaller box you can tuck this in even further. The positive and negative run down and come out under the carpet behind the passenger seat. The silver key next to the speaker is a battery cut off. The top of the plastic box gets sealed down with a cover. I'll be building a new floor surrounding it leaving it counter sunk later.


        Meanwhile I got the harness installed in the car, got the fuel rails sorted out and temporarily made some brackets for them. I ran a fuel pressure test without them held down and the rail launched itself up off the injectors and made a gasoline fountain burst:

        Eventually it all got sorted out and I was able to do a test start. The engine started so loud it scared me but it dies instantly.

        This isn't the first start but it's where I'm at now:

        After scanning codes the immobilizer is on. Now I have to tune the ECU The official tool is $500 USD plus $150 per license flash. A local shop will do it for $300. But I'm going to attempt to do it myself with a bench harness and some new LS Droid tools that have become available in the last year.

        Bench harness with ODB2 plug and switched power and key on.
        Engine could be running as soon as tonight. I've ordered some coolant hoses as well to hook up the radiator. Will have to start work on the shroud and new electric fans soon. And I'll have to measure and order a pulley belt as well.


        • There are batteries that will fit right in the storage boxes that will have plenty of power to start just about any engine that would be slammed into an S30. I bought a couple from a place in Kitchener about 5 years ago, that I was going to use both in my T-Bucket, since I thought I'd need to use two, but I've only used one, and the other has become a test and booster battery. lol AGM batteries can be quite small for the output, and can be mounted at angles like would be needed to fit in the storage boxes.


          • I got pretty unlucky and the universal donor OS flash has an undocumented exception that happens to be my PCM. I was extra careful, it's even mentioned by serial number as supported in the documentation. So I bricked my PCM tonight.


            • It wasn't easy but I managed to salvage the computer. It's now reprogrammed to think it's a Z06 Vette. First start and some quick revs.


              • Properly mounted the radiator today and pulled the new electric fan out of the box. Had to modify it a bit (as all things seem to require) and wired it up through 2 relays to control low and high speed modes. I'll have the LS computer control the fan speed based on temperature but for testing I temporarily hooked it up to a free switch in my control panel.

                More parts arriving this weekend so I can close the coolant loop and top it up. Air intake parts are all here as well except for the filter so that's close too. Just need to find a suitable belt and I'm ready to run it to temperature. The current belt length would be 59", alternative routing at 66 1/4". I'm going to buy a new tensioner pulley which should change the length, high or lower by an inch gives me some options.
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