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1973 Front Bumper Question

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  • 1973 Front Bumper Question

    Why is it hard to retro fit a 72 front bumper on a 73 even with the correct 72 style brackets that bolt directly to the frame rails. I have the brackets but haven't order a bumper because most sites say it requires a lot of modification even though it looks like the bolts holes on the inner frame rails are in the same location on both 72 & 73 for the 72 brackets.

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    I own a 1973 240Z. Here is my own experience with the front bumper. I removed the original front bumper and brackets. I made up my own mounting brackets. The mounting brackets I made was the modification. It was a simple modification. Then I installed the earlier style bumper. If you have the brackets, I don't know of any modification that you would have to perform.


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      Looks good nice fit Dr.Diesel, yes that's what I trying to figure out before getting the earlier bumper I know the 73 bumper and brackets are totally different but the body didn't change as far as know. So you would think if you have the earlier bumper and brackets it would be a simple bolt on. Also any You Tube video's I can find are all doing the swap on 260's and 280's.


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        IIRC the earlier front bumper directly bolts on with the right brackets.

        It has been 10 year or so since I swapped my bumpers.

        The rear bumper requires custom brackets, but still fits without any other modification.


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          Thank you Six Shooter that's what I thought as the body didn't change, just confusing information out there.


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            Not to confuse but depending on the manufacture date the captive mounting holes may not be there .
            1970 (yellow) has 2 captive nut holes on the inner surface near where the hood bracket mounts. Left side shown.The 73 does not.
            1973 (red) has 3 captive nut holes on the outer part of the frame rail. Right side shown.
            You will need to make your own brackets to fit.
            The bumper bracket welded to the bumper has a different spacing between early and 73.

            257A9658-7640-42DF-8B5C-93300AEB9C41.jpg CB78D7B0-870B-4AF7-A88A-BB7E572CEC2B.jpg
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              D115DA3D-E56B-423D-89A2-B789DA975946.jpg Easier to view


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                Thank you to everyone and the pictures from Ont240 my 73 was built in 11/72 and has both the holes on the inside and the outside so it should work okay with the 72 brackets and bumper, I known the 73 bumper is totally different to the 72 I found that out when I only ordered the brackets. If anybody has 72 bumper in good shape let me know.