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Engine bay light lens - 3D printed

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  • Engine bay light lens - 3D printed

    The engine bay light lens on my 240 has seen better days - heat and age took its toll.
    An internet search either came up empty or the price + shipping was outrageous.
    So a friend offered to 3D print one for me:
    engine bay lens 1.jpg
    The result is amazing. I'm going to source an LED light to reduce the heat load, even though he says it's not necessary.
    engine bay lens 2.jpg
    He scanned the old lens, said that it was easy.
    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C Clarke
    I agree.

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    Nice! Looks like a resin print given the lack of visible layers?


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      I really don't know - it was done on a commercial 3D printer as what used to be referred to as a "government job". But you are correct, there are no visible layers and the result is strong. The original was scanned so I was told that it didn't take long to program. I also learned that it's possible to print carbon fibre where real strength is required. Magic!


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        I didn't imagine that the lens would turn out quite that nice. Lucky you.