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Tabco eat your heart out.

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  • Tabco eat your heart out.

    I was looking for both rear quarters for my 2dr 510, Futofab sells them for $600 a piece, way out of my budget so I tried these guys in Quebec, He is asking $300 a piece. All hand made.
    Apparently he has been making panels for Alfa's for a long time and is now also making panels for 240Z's and 510's
    As you can probably guess I'm very pleased with them.
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    I heard about Alfaparts. it is encouraging that they are manufacturing other parts and in particular, 510 and Z parts. I had a look at their website. If they don't stock a replacement panel, they will make a new handmade replacement panel for you if you supply them with a rusty old sample. That's really something! particularly that you get a new panel for less than Futofab prices. Very encouraging.

    But, we would really like to see some more of this 510! How about a few more photo's to sustain us through the winter? What kind of engine are you going to shoe horn into the car?


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      Here is the build thread,
      The engine is a KA24DE from a 1992 240SX with 5spd trans, not a fire breathing monster for sure but 155hp in a 2100lb car should be plenty of fun.


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        Geez Chris, thats a nice 510 build you are working on. That will be a fun car with the KA24DE engine in there. Your build thread brought back great memories of ripping around in a 510 in high school. Looking forward to seeing it in person.


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          Nice! I found his site a couple years back and liked the look of the Z rear quarters but didn't end up having anything made as I got my cutoffs instead. Glad to hear it's good quality stuff.