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  • Indicator fix

    My right indicator has always required an extra tap to get it to start up. The other day it finally packed it in. I found this good article that outlines how to repair the combination switch. Worked like a charm.

    If you have a first generation Z car, you probably are dealing with turn signal issues. The left side doesn’t work. The right side doesn’t work. Only the back turn signal flashes, etc. …

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    I did this twice on mine, then it finally wore out completely. Laverne came up with a good used one. I also refurbished the power seat switch on our Kia Rondo. It was much more complicated and really not meant to be serviced, but it's been working fine for over a year.
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      I have two extra switches on hand that I have not tested. They are identical switches to the original other than the length of the wires on the indicator switch are much shorter making it impossible to plug it in. I would have desolder all the wires (I think 6 or 8) and solder on the wires from the original switch to get them to work. I hope this fix lasts a while