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    Hi guys quick question
    Im looking for someone to tune my S30 with an rb25det in it.
    I'm having lots of issues finding someone.
    Please let me know

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    What system are you using to control the RB?

    I do tuning for most aftermarket and some OEM systems. I will have a dyno set up soon as well, just waiting on the last few parts and some time to get it all assembled and in the pit.
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      I have a few mods done to the motor
      as well.
      I can explain in full
      I have 2 ecus at the moment
      1 is an rb26 ecu with a nistune I was told it has a base tune. And I have a apexi power fc as well.
      everyone is telling me to go with aem or haltech but the prices are ridiculous
      ley me know what you think


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        I agree with what people are telling you. Lol

        If I HAD to use one of the ones you have, I would use the OEM ECU with Nistune. The Power FC was good 20+ years ago when aftermarket options were few, and expensive, but not so much now. The Nistune is decent, and depending future plans, may be good enough.

        Also, a more affordable (than Haltech or AEM), and with an adapter, plug in option is ECUMaster, either the Classic or Black. The Black is a newer more featured ECU of the two. I've tuned a couple of RBs with ECUMaster ECUs and they work well.

        If you want to come up with a direction on how to proceed, PM me, and I'll give you my contact info, to make it easier to move forward.
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          I used Dynamotorsports to tune my RB25det.
          They are in North York off Milwick Dr.