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    My 1971 240z is sacked out! I don’t want to race the car, just looking to stiffen it up again…although would like to lower it about an inch or so. Was thinking about KYB strut cartridges and the Eibach Lowering spring Pro Kit. Problem is that it seems no one has the Eibach kit, some distributors have said that Eibach has discontinued it. Is there something else out there that you can suggest that won’t break the bank? Would like to get parts from Canada, but doesn’t seem to be much out there.

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    KYB shocks will be okay but are really just a poor replacement for stock. EIBACH spring kit is still made but exclusive to Motorsport Auto ( in California. I have heard of another manufacturer called VOIT but have no idea where to get them. The other option is coil overs and there are a few to choose from. Nothing available in Canada that it new.


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      What would recommend for struts? Remember I’m not looking to race this and want to keep it as original looking as possible. Thanks


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        Is there not a problem using the KYB cartridges with lowering springs, I've heard that they will bottom out damaging the cartridge. That's why Motorsport recommends the Koni cartridges, again exclusive to them.


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          If you are using any of the normal stroke strut cartridges and are worried about bottoming the cartridges out when using lowering springs, there is a solution to solve it. You can still use your standard length struts if you use modified upper spring seats that The Z Store sells for applications when lowering springs are used with standard length strut cartridges.

          You can buy modified or custom spring seat mounts in insulated or uninsulated for your particular needs. if this sounds like your situation, please read the following description of the product.

          Insulated Spring Seat & Strut Mount Set, 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z

          Part #:23-4187

          Price: $347.00 Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wishlist
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          Email this product to a friendPlanning a high performance street, track, or race build? See 23-6000 in Related Items for the Pillow Ball version of this upgrade!

          A long sought-after solution to the most common issue that comes with lowering your Z-Car using lowering springs is now available! This kit includes components to cover one pair of struts: two insulated strut mounts; two upper spring seats; and all the required installation hardware. Read on below for more details!

          If you have lowered your car with lowering springs (like our Eibach Performance Springs), and are using an aftermarket bump stop (such as our urethane bump stops, 23-4196), you may have noticed that your car bottoms out easier while driving aggressively under some road conditions. The normal way to solve this issue would be to trim the bump stops, which allows for more suspension travel, but also puts your struts at risk of damage (not a good situation, especially if you just purchased a set of our new Koni Struts!). This kit properly solves the problem of the lost suspension travel without sacrificing the lowered ride height by raising the bump stop position inside the spring seat. By doing this, the struts will be able to utilize most of their intended travel, which can prolong the life of the cartridges.

          Not only does the kit replace the stock spring seats; it also changes to a unique type of fixed camber plate type strut mount that features a bushing in the center. This type of upper strut mount has been used for years to greatly reduce deflection inherent to standard rubber insulators without the harshness of completely solid versions. Other benefits of this design range from improved tire grip and general handling to more accurate wheel alignment, which further improves handling and prolongs the life of your tires as well! The kit also replaces the bulky, expensive factory strut bearings for the front suspension and entirely removes the rear strut spacers (removing these components is what allows the increased suspension travel).

          This kit will slightly increase feedback felt through the suspension, and may increase road noise and vibration a bit (almost all suspension upgrades do to a degree). Based on overall design and quality of the pieces, we think it will be mostly insignificant for the majority of Z-Car owners.

          9/74-78 Z-Cars:
          This kit will lower the rear of late 260Z's and 280Z's by about 3/4".

          Model Guide:
          Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z

          Code Guide:
          Datsun S30

          Year Guide:
          1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978


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            Very informative. Thanks Craig.
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              Good to know, thanks for the info. I've ordered the Koni struts from Motorsports as well as the Eibach springs, seems like Eibach is having supply issues and can't get the springs out quickly.....may have to wait till the end of the year to receive them…..unless someone has a set sitting around!!!!

              Guess I won't be driving the car till next year now!

              Thanks for the info!​