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240SX Coupe rear strut access

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  • 240SX Coupe rear strut access

    Sorry for what might be a dumb question, but it looks as though one of my rear struts (that are original to the car) has failed, as it has leaked some oil (fortunately on my garage mat!). I plan to do a larger investigation and investigate replacement when I get the car out of storage in the spring.

    I have a question: there is no access that I can see to the top of the strut towers from inside the trunk. Does this mean that the plastic trunk liner will be damaged by cutting access while replacing the struts? Does anyone know if the access is via the underside of the car, or from the top as it is for the fronts?

    Is anyone here knowledgeable enough about the 240SX to provide some advice here? The car is a 1993.

    Many thanks,


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    I don't have a 240sx, but did a bit of searching. Looks like all you need to do is pull the trunk carpet out, then pop the clips out that hold in the plastic trim panels.

    Someone did a video on the process here:

    Made this video attempting to go further in depth into the process behind the removal and assembly of rear struts on a 240sx after seeing little informative...


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      Thanks so much, Noll! That is very helpful. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!