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  • 17 Inch Wheels - 240z

    Hi All, looking to purchase some new wheels and tires for a stock 70 240z and would like to put the largest wheels possible without any modifications to my car. I'm thinking of 17x 7.5 for the front and 17x8 for the rear. Can you let me know what you have done with your cars along with tire sizes. I really like the staggered look with low profile tires that fill the wheelwells, but want to make sure that they fit properly without any mods. For wheels I was considering the Rota RBs, but really open to anything at this time. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have a modified 73 240z. The car does not have fender flairs & has been lowered using Eibach springs which lowered it about 1". I used Konig 16 x 7 rims with zero offset all around. I put on 205/55R16 tires. I used this tire size to maintain the accuracy of the speedometer. I did have to roll the rear fender lip to get sufficient clearance because when the rear suspension deflected the edge of the sidewall next the the tread would just touch the edge of the fender. Rolling the lip of the rear fender directly above the tire corrected the issue. This wheel / tire combination on the front of the car works without any concern with tire touching when turning the steering lock to lock. Although this is not a 17" rim that you are interested, it may give you some ideas to consider. Hope this is of some help, Craig


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      Thanks Craig. Yes very helpful.


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        I have almost the same setup on my 72. Same wheels, but 225-50-16 tires. Same issue at the rear as Craig. I changed to a 3:54 r200 to get the speedometer almost correct.
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          Can anyone suggest a shop where I can buy wheels (Rota or Konig) and tires? Preferable someone that knows how to fit them properly on a 240z.
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            Whitehead is one supplier that can help you out. Maybe a few others can chime in with their ideas as well.

            I bought tires on-line a few years ago & had them delivered to the door.



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              Thanks Craig.