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Back in the club and looking for a specialty Z mechanic... among other things...

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  • Back in the club and looking for a specialty Z mechanic... among other things...

    Hey All,

    I was a member with you guys a long time ago and it feels great to get back into things! Looking forward to talking with my fellow Z-files again. The reason for my absence was, and we all know how painful this is, that I had to store my car for many, many years. She is a 1977 280Z, electric blue with the original slats on the back deck lid window painted black. So, to start my reintroduction, I'll throw out a few questions / details:

    1. I've had to take my car out of storage after it being tucked away for 8 years. It wasn't my choice but I lost my hidey hole. It was completely pristine when it went away but needs a little TLC to get it back, at the very least, properly running again. Does anyone know of a good, reliable / knowledgeable Z mechanic in the GTA (or at least one within 200kms+ of the GTA)? Not sure if everyone knows but Whitehead Performance is now permanently closed. I know there is a mixed bag on reviews of them as a specialty Z shop but regardless, they were pretty much my only resource living in Toronto. I know my car and would normally do my own work but I don't have the garage space or access to tools right now (see above, "loss of hidey hole"). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    2. There is a possibility that I will be selling my car but I'm not really up to speed on current Canadian values and / or the market / demand for the original body style of one that isn't a years 70 - 73. Now, let's not all come rushing in like, "here's a fresh sucker, let's get his car for nothing" LOL... cause this is just a genuine question to figure out where things stand with our cars. From what I can tell in the USA market (California mostly), the range seems to be from a beater at $10k usd to a pristine at $40k usd and everything in-between. Thoughts? Interest? Am I way off and sound crazy here?!

    Appreciate any insights and help.


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    P.s. I hope people reading this don't think I was making a dig at Whitehead. Mike and the shop have always been amazing to me but, since I've gotten my car out and started reengaging the Z community, I've unfortunately read a bunch of less than favourable stuff online and I didn't want folks to pigeon hole me cause I was a big supported of them. I really hope Mike is able to get it going again for all our sakes.