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16" wheel and tire size suggestion

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  • 16" wheel and tire size suggestion

    Looking for suggestions for anyone who've upgraded to 16" wheels, offset and tires to fit for a 1975 280Z that has upgraded to Wilwood brake rotors and calipers. Body is stock NO flares. Currently has 15" x 9" Rota wheels with 225/45/15. It is hitting the calipers and way too low. Please list your recommendations. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm running 16 x 7, Zero offset on a lowered 240 which is tighter than a 280. The front turning clearance at the lower edge of the marker valance is the spot to watch as you go wider and taller with a tire. With your coil over setup you shouldn't have any spring clear issues.
    205/55/16 is an easy fit (24.1" dia), 225/50/16 (24.9" dia) is often used.
    215/55/16 (25.3" dia) would be my choice if it fits., for a nice ride without wanting to follow the road!

    use for sizing:

    MSA used to show a recommended max size Dia.


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      Thank you Ont240, i truly appreciate it and will keep them on my note. Anyone used 16"x8" or more with negative offset? This car will used on the track for fun. Lol!
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        i tried 16 x 8 zero offset and it extended beyond the verticle fender arch on the back. With a tire and no fender lip alteration it would have been rubbing.
        A positive offset of approximately 13 (moves the rim inboard) may get you clearance, but not with a wider tire.


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          I'm running with 225/50/16 Bridgestone RE71Rs on 16 X 7 Rota RBs on my '81 280ZX. Suspension has lowered springs, Tokico shocks, nothing special. I have the Wilwood brake set up on my fronts only. Everything works fine with no clearance issues. If you want a closer look, let me know and be glad to drop by.
          Howie Y
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            Thanks Howie. I will message you.
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