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  • Say hello to Marty and Moog for me


    • Originally posted by vvise View Post
      Say hello to Marty and Moog for me
      Haha, will do.

      I know it is MightyCarMODS, not MightyCarRESTORATIONS, but it would be cool to see them do a resto-mod of a 70s car.

      Anyway, thanks for welcoming me to the forum, will keep you updated with my progress. Cheers!


      • Hey! Happy new year! My name is Vince I received an 80zx in july'16 and have been cranking on it nonstop, I look forward to interacting with all you guys and gals if anyone needs a hand lifting/loading stuff up I have no objection to a cold beer


        • Originally posted by Joker_andthe_thief View Post
          Hey! Happy new year! My name is Vince I received an 80zx in july'16 and have been cranking on it nonstop, I look forward to interacting with all you guys and gals if anyone needs a hand lifting/loading stuff up I have no objection to a cold beer
          Welcome Vince to our Forums, this is a great site to help you with any of your needs with our beloved Z's. If you want more information on joining the actual club, please go to our main site and register online. We have amazing events planned for 2017 and i am sure you don't want to miss any of them.

          Mauricio Gomez
          Eastern V.P. OZC
          Twitter: @OZCmauricio
          1990 300ZX 2+2
          2005 350Z Roadster
          2014 Porsche Cayenne


          • Hi I,m Randie ,,,a new member. My first car ever was a 69 Datsun 510. Drove the crap outta that car and couldn,t kill it,350,000 miles later I finally sold it and bought my first Z car..a beautiful 71 240-Z ....Missed that car so much I found a rusted out 73 Z (some 30 plus years later) and am in the process of a complete rotisserie restoration, Could use some help finding some parts. will post what I am looking for and look forward to being part of your club.


            • Hey All:
              Mike from Pembroke, here. New OZC member and new Z owner for a year now. Bought a black 2013 370Z Sports Package. Love some of the older Z's on this website. I had a 1969 MGB for 22 years before replacing it with the Z. (needed something a little younger and faster!)
              I'll add some pics once I figure out how to do it!


              • Hello! My name is Joe and I'm a proud new owner of an original 1986 Z31.

                I've been a car guy all my life but I've never had the chance to get involved in the scene as much as I'd like too. But now that's changed. I have finally found myself a clean Z31 and I couldn't be more excited to dive into this lifestyle.

                Check out some photos of my new car.

                I look forward to hopefully getting to know some new people and meeting you guys at local car meets!
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                86 Z31

                Joe Orangis

                Millwright / Car Enthusiast


                • Hi, my name is Steve, and I was introduced to this club by Lou, Raj and Mauricio. I drive a black on custom full black cloth interior 300ZX Z32 2+0. I was an auto journalist in Japan and a professional automotive photographer prior to moving back to Canada in 2012, and have been mainly working in Graphic Design ever since.

                  I'm planning a full acid dip rebuild of a Z32 in the near future, so as to own what is essentially a brand new Z32, utilizing my 195 compression engine.

                  This is my second Z32, and I much prefer them to my old R32 GT-R.

                  Anyways, glad to be part of the community, and I hope if there's anything I can help with, you guys aren't afraid to give me a shout!

                  Attached is a photo of my car, which I currently daily drive.
                  You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                  This gallery has 1 photos.


                  • Have any pictures of your R32? Welcome to the forums!


                    • me.jpg 20161003_195403.jpg Hi. Im Ludwig but mostly called Russell.
                      I live in Trinidad and own a 1990 JDM Z32 TT since 1996.
                      Having done grades 12 and 13 in TO then Ind Mgt at Humber I returned to TT only to return to TO 30 urs plus later to have my 1st boy attend UofT. This Sep the 2nd boy joins him there so Ill be up and down a bit and have a mailing address where i can accumulate parts to take to Trinidad with me for my 2+2 Z32 TT.

                      I started with my Moms B210 (120Y) In the 80s going cam and sidedraughts. I only gave it up in May this year.
                      The Z still is VG30Dett and as I am getting older, it gets a bit more tiring to wrench at. But the pleasure when i swing it sideways still keeps me grinning. Or the minor loss of traction when "twin turbos kick in"
                      i also happen to have acquired a Toyota Aristo twin turbo and may get my hands on an S2000 soon.
                      I dont like new cars. I love direct injection for the power with the added compression but it seems that the dual multi port and direct inj is the way forward.
                      i am looking at the eventual obsolesence of the Int Comb Engine and hope that it takes a while yet.
                      Saw a vid today on youtube which made me realize the Ontario has a community of Zedness so I searched and found this forum having been in since about 96 when i think it was
                      Enough about me.
                      Cheers thanks and enjoy the ride. Remember Nissan is built for the human to race
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                      • Too bad you missed Z Fest yesterday. Keep following the forums, or better yet, join the club to keep abreast of what all we do.
                        Eric Zondervan
                        72 240Z
                        54 Chevy 3100 pickup
                        91 Nissan Figaro
                        11 Sierra 4X4
                        17 Nissan Juke Nismo
                        18 Audi SQ5
                        18 Polaris Switchback XCR 800
                        17 Yamaha FZ-10
                        65 Honda Moped


                        • 2021 Z Fest on yputube seems to be what I missed. But i got some inspiration from the 14 minute vid.