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    I'm Zak and I helped make this new site along with the usual gang. I made this thread so you can introduce yourself so the rest of the community can know you and your Z car.

    I first got my Z 5 years ago. A '72. I was going to do a simple frame-rail weld and it turned out I kept digging and found I needed new floors, rails and supports. I ended up stripping it down to bare metal and removing every bolt. As of right now it's painted and ready to be put back together. Fresh rebuilt motor sitting in the garage. Gotta put the suspension back up and my roadblock now is new fuel and brake lines.

    Check out my gallery for pics!
    '72 HLS30-79101 (SOLD)
    '09 370Z Touring 6MT (SOLD)
    '99 Porsche 911

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    Hey all,

    The new site looks great!
    I'm Rob and Ive got a 78 280z, My brother Chris and I also did a joint build up of a 71 240z with an RB25det which was our first experience with working on Datsuns. We're from near Brantford, and right now are finding out just what it means to have a few too many cars/projects...
    Currently we have
    93 lancer evolution
    71 240z
    78 280z
    83 280zx
    52 willys m38
    54 dodge powerwagon




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      I'm Laverne, an oldy with years of experience in motorsports.
      Love the people in the Z community!
      Great that we've got our own site.
      Zeds forever!


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        Hi Guys,

        Where is everyone? We have over 20 members signed up for the forums so far but not many known in this here thread.

        OZC membership is at 150 right now, let's shoot for 100+ of you signing onto the forums and talking it up.
        Howie Y
        OZC $$$ guy
        AKA "The Treasurer"


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          hey guys, great new site for the club, well done!! I'm Jay from Mississauga. I attend the monthly eastern meetings and enjoy going on the tours. I have a 95 300zx 2+2 NA. I will post pics soon. Thanks!

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            I'm Terry from Hamilton, Great job on the site now let's use this .
            I own 2 Nissan Z's
            1993 300ZX 2+2 Stock
            2003 Nissan 350Z - Slightly Modified
            First Z was a 1970 240Z
            Second one was a 1975 260Z
            Check out my Gallery for photos on the 350Z


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              Hi guys...Chris here.
              I moved back from Vancouver to Toronto so I thought I would join the local Z car club. I have already had the pleasure of meeting Laverne in Kitchener and hope to meet more of you at meetings or on the road. Currently I have a '72 240Z with an L28, Su's and 4 speed. It needs a little love but will be road ready come spring.
              I'll post my old rides into a gallery for everyone...they include a '72 240Z, '72 510 2 door and a '71 510 4 door...I sold them all before I moved home.

              great new site by the way....bye bye Motortopia.
              1/74 - 260Z. L26, 4 spd- 65000 original miles. SOLD
              1/73- 510 2 door project (bare shell resto) IN PROGRESS


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                I'm Eric, your webmaster.
                I cannot take credit for the new site, Zak did all the work. My job is to administer it, which will be way easier than it was with the old site. Now you can put up as many as 50 of your own photos. Before I used to limit it to four and that took me at least half an hour. Another advantage for me is I can work on the site from any computer. The old site required seperate software, so it didn't get maintained when I was away from home.
                It's great to see so many people registering already. Don't be shy, put some details on your profile. At least your name.We all know who some of you are, but it would be a friendlier community if we all had opur names and a few tidbits of interesting info as well.

                Here is my 1972 Z when I brought it home, June '72

                z in 1972 (Large).jpg
                And again in 1975

                z in 1975 (Large).jpg

                I had it restored and put it away for 15 years. Here is my son Ian in 2003
                spring 2003 (Medium).jpg

                The underside had rotted away, so I stripped all the mechanical out that Summer.
                Summer 2005 (Medium).jpg

                I wasn't happy with the previous restoration so I drove it one last time at Christmas, 2007, then stripped it to the bare shell.
                Christmas 2007 (Large).jpg
                I was going to put some more here, but 5 photos is the limit. You will have to check my gallery instead. For the bare shell restoration go to
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                Eric Zondervan
                72 240Z
                54 Chevy 3100 pickup
                91 Nissan Figaro
                11 Sierra 4X4
                17 Nissan Juke Nismo
                18 Audi SQ5
                18 Polaris Switchback XCR 800
                17 Yamaha FZ-10
                65 Honda Moped


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                  Howdy! Great work on the new site guys! I'm Ron from the Windsor area. I have been doing a complete modified resto in spurts over the last several years on a 1970 240Z. I'm looking forward to sharing experiences, checking out the pics, following the on going projects, etc.
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                  1970 240Z


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                    Great new site

                    Just introducing myself and my car.

                    I an Casey Heemskerk and I live in Smithville Ont. which is in the heart of Niagara.

                    I have 5 daughters and 12 grandchildren so I hide in my garage and play with my 72 240z.

                    The Z is black (waiting to be original silver) with red interior.

                    It has L28 with 5 speed transmission and a 390 rear end.

                    It has the original carbs and head. Carbs are jetted and head is built.

                    It also has headers and custom stainless 2.5" exhaust.

                    The car started in California and was rebuilt in Minnesota.

                    It ended up in Kingston where I bought it this spring.

                    The body has original floor rails and fenders and is rustfree.

                    You can see pictures I have posted.

                    I may post a picture of me at 19 with my brand new 73 240 but both car and my youth have long dissappeared.

                    Great job on the site and I hope to meet some of you at a meeting or some functions

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                      Just stumbled upon this site today after about 5-6 years of Z ownership.

                      I live up in the Grey-Bruce area and currently own a 1984 300ZX 2+2 Turbo, body was completely redone about 4-5 years ago.

                      Also picked up a new project this summer, a 1988 300ZX Turbo Shiro Special, #68 of 75 imported into Canada, had a blown timing belt, therefore working on rebuilding an engine for it over the winter, and maybe have it on the road for the summer of 010'.

                      Sorry for the larger photos, let me know if posting from an external site is welcome.

                      1988 Shiro --

                      1984 2+2 Turbo --


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                        Great that you have made the connection!
                        Our Club has a western chapter that alternates its monthly meetings between
                        Cambridge & London.
                        You'll find a great bunch of people in the Z community.
                        A variety of events throughout the year as well.
                        Looking forward to meeting soon!

                        As you may have already discovered on this site there is a link you can use to your own web for photo albums & such. Option 1 in user profile I believe.



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                          Hi everyone! My name is Wes, most of you have seen me selling 50/50 tickets or may have gotten to know me on some driving tours over the past few years. I've been in the club now over 5 years and have had a lot of fun meeting friends with a common interest. I drive a 90 300zxna and enjoy long drives along twisty roads. I will be posting some tour pics here shortly


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                            Hi Wes, nice to meet you

                            Follow me on Twitter:
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                              In 1985 I traded 4 tires on rims from a wrecked '72 Impala for a low mileage, 31,000mi., 510 wagon. It was red in colour but badly faded to pink. At the time I had 2 Rustangs as a project. Since the 510 was licenced and roadworthy I abandoned the Rustang project and parted them out in favour of the 510. Never looked back or regretted this. I drove that car from one end of the country to the other. Tires touched the Pacific ocean and later the Atlantic. Roadtrip!!! It acutally went twice across Canada since I had to drive it from Hamilton to get to the Pacific and then return from the Atlantic.

                              I have had 3 510s over the years. The latest one being a '71 wagon. The first wagon is gone. The second 2dr sedan is still around somewhere, getting a tube frame and chassis for drag racing last I heard.

                              I also aquired a 67 roadster and parts car, work in progress, and numerous 510s which were stripped for parts. Garage full of cars and basement full of parts.

                              I have been a member of OZC since Z-fest 2. I think. And so far never owned a Z. If I did it would be a 240. Old school rules!

                              Hamilton ON
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                              71 510 wagon
                              72 CB450
                              74 CB360T
                              2013 Toyota Corolla
                              Formerly 510er
                              It's amazing how one tiny capacitor can wreak so much havoc.