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WTB: 280zx floor pans and rails

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  • WTB: 280zx floor pans and rails

    Anyone have a lead on a set of floor pans and rails for a 280zx? I contacted Zedd Findings and he told me his products are sold by a vendor in California, so would have to go thru them. Pretty expensive with exchange, shipping, and duties. A Canadian source would be preferred. Thanks

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    Unless something has happened recently, Charlie’s Canadian distributor has been Showcars in Belleville. Last year I purchased and received a set for a ZX. Website is This company is a little flaky but usually you can get what you want. If you’re looking for a shop to install your floors, contact Manolo at Zcarmetal in Mississauga. Absolutely the best and most detailed shop I’ve run across. Manolo strives to make his repairs as close to original looking as possible. I highly recommend this shop! He’s also a club member who owns a bunch of Zeds! 905-781-5428


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      This is really helpful, thank you.


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        I'm pretty sure this is the place I used to source my 3-peice spoiler for the Z. It was pretty sketchy but they did come up with the part so I can't complain too much. I did have to drive out there to pick it up though.