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  • Carb stuff wanted.....

    Hi from the lower 48. We are ZTherapy in Salem Oregon and one of your own suggested I post here for some ongoing needs we have.

    We are looking to buy the following:

    A nagging shortage for our customers is early balance tubes (3 & 4 screw) and any linkages that go with. Enough people are still converting away from the flat tops and most want the cleaner early balance tube and of course have no core.

    Core carbs also are on the agenda but to a lesser extent.

    Any thoughts or comments concerning your stash of stuff you can email me at [email protected] or reach me by phone at 503-587-9800.

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Hey Bruce,

    I have seen your posts and contributions over at classiczcars for a few years now. Welcome to the site and I hope you can drum up some business!
    '72 HLS30-79101 (SOLD)
    '09 370Z Touring 6MT (SOLD)
    '99 Porsche 911


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      Hah...he's trying to drum up parts...not business...

      Although he is superbly respected...

      Did a double take when I saw his name on the site.

      Bruce, try JF near Montreal (smokin_geez on Ebay). He's got a barn full of disassembled Z's.
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        Due to time issues, I try to limit the number of sites I visit regularly hence the Oregon based Classic Z involvement. I will be happy to help out here as may be needed so don't hesitate to ask anything. I'm pretty adept at wringing correct info out of Steve. Between the two of us I think we keep questioners on the straight and narrow.

        Now somebody get out there this weekend at the swap meet and buy us up a garbage can full of balance tubes......... Nyuck nyuck!!


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          Hi Bruce.. saw this string of emails. Email for JF near Montreal is [email protected]. He has a ton of cars and parts. A bit of an aside - received the two DVDs on convertible conversion of Zs as order from you. A lot of very good informations. Thanks...


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            Thanks, already slid a note under his door. Gotta love the internet!!


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              What are you paying for cores? $$$ + Shipping.


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                Steve and Pam, the owners, do the buying. The easiest way to get something started is to email a photo of what you are interested in selling to [email protected]. The pricing is often dependent on completeness so the visual really helps out.